Monday, February 7, 2011

new friend's tag


tag? dari kawan baru aunie :)

"once you have been tagged, you have suppose to write a note , with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged and you have to tag the person who tag you. if i tag you, it's because i want to know more about you. your cooperation is highly appreciated ."

25? it's a bigg number. O.o

1. my name in Identity Card ; Nur Zakirah Bt Zahran

2. people used to call me ; zaza, za, kirah, kak irah.

3. born on ; 6th May 1993 *take note please.cause I'll demand my gift. :)* and automatically I am 17 years 8 months old.

4. I have two sisters and 3 brothers

5. I only have young brothers

6. I can be anything I want ; I mean evil or kind. but i choose to be kind :) because , I one time being evil. I really can't stop myself. :)

7. I hate my old life.

8. I do love additional mathematics and physics.

9. I am red-holic. love everthing which is red in color.

10. I don't trust love before married.

11. I have amazing family and extraodinary bestfriend.*no need to mention who.

12. my life ; sometime crazy-ness all around me but sometime miracle do happen.

13. I don't really like malay and indo; novels, movies, or songs because they so clishe with love things. *turik tlingo denga. :)

14. I do really love english and others ; novels, movies or songs because they are pretty awesome.

15. I am rebellious-type girl ; not in all situation. because I have right as a humankind.

16. sometime people will say ; *you are very happy-go-lucky girl* otherwise, I am only a misery person and they never expect it. smile and laugh can fade anything right?

17. sometime I am strong engouh to face all my problem in any situation, but sometime I am always to be a coward. only tears can calm me down for a moment.

18. I want to be an engineer in the future. but sometime I really hope that I can be a graphic designer or animator.

19. I do struggle for my last exam ; SPM and really hope for a better result because I am pretty tired of seeing frustation from my parents face. I don't want be a burden to them.

20. ouh ya ! i do love watch. haha, I have so many collection of watch. 

21. I love chocolate. cadbury? vochelle? kicket? milo? ouh everything which is chocolate is my PASSION. <3

22. I hate this tag because need to list 25. bla..bla..bla.. *sad, so sad.

23. O damn. 2 list to go. can I stop here? *yes you can. :)

now,time to tag 25 people..

are you mad? this time I don't want to tag anyone anywho. because they never gonna make it. what-so-never-mind! *ayat ngaju sket. :) if you feel so free in your really damn busy time. just do this tag, but if you are busy like a president of america united state or something just IGNORE. :) pretty enough. 


miss nureen said...

ololoo ngaju ko?
ololooo bucuk bucuk ni.
tag hop za tu nk sipe dale poket luu.
nt boring tahap nk mamfus,
at least ado mende tu nk wat. hee

misszaza said...

i wangi laaa~ ish..