Friday, February 11, 2011

my passions


if I'd told you about my pleasure reading since SPM over. and now, I'm gonna tell about my passions about movie and drama.
I'm addicted to this drama. House, such a awesome drama. i've download their seasons from season 1 until 7. i've watch 4 seasons already. 3 more to go.

I love this one. It's all about magic, scocery, scocerer. merlin damn cute. authur handsome! gauis pretty cool. I hate uther, king of camelot. he's such a ego man, which is very proud of his pride and noble-blood. and I think gwen more beautiful than morgana. O.o season 1 and 2 already done. season 3 in progress of downloading.

the only one CSI that I love to watch is CSI : NY. why? I don't know. hoho. maybe their actors are cool. I love mac's character. he's such a caliber and futuristic man. danny and hawks are amazed.

scrubs? the craziest drama I ever watch. it's all about doctor's life. but, this story full of *blues. I mean it suggest for 18 above. HAHA. so, dirt their story. :P. season 1-5 already done. 4 more to go. do not download it yet. :)
I know it's clishe. but I love to watch again and again. :) *tanak cerita panjang.

oke. I think nothing else. but, it's only for drama oke. not movie :) for movie I don't want to list because it's need a week to finish it. a month i guess. haha. but, only i have is ;

haha. how? interesting uh? it's take two years to collect all this download things. I've plan all of this before SPM. and I keep it safely until now. yeah!

p/s ; want some?



dai-chan said...

hoho jeles. ada house sampai season 7??? OMG, bertambah lagi kejelesan! urgh. . .

misszaza said...

yes. saya ada sampai tujuh. :D kumpul benda sejak form4 lgi. project utk lps spm.. HAHA*

nak ke? bole bole. kasi hard disk.
sume nya 42Gb. :D

dai-chan said...

heeee~ *muka xmalu.

misszaza said...

dayah ; mmg xmalu pun. HAHA* :P

Bieyha Husain .. (: said...

waaaaa ~
byk gler cite !
nak2 !

misszaza said...

bieyha ; boleh2. external hard disk pless. :D

*hard disk oke. xmaen da pendrive.. HAHA

Bieyha Husain .. (: said...

no hal !
nnti biha post !

misszaza said...

oke :)