Wednesday, February 23, 2011

people on facebook™


lately, aku macam agak senyap dengan dunia facebook. non-update status, less comment and what-so-ever. but, only one thing I keep doing ; is approving friends from my list. anyone, anywho. rasa macam perangai suka perhatikan orang kembali dalam diri aku. mungkin aku terlalu bosan dengan kehidupa sekarang. :)

don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it is improper to have these things on your facebook™. I mean, who am I to ask you to stop writing whatever you have in mind? I do the same. in fact, I do it all the time. but I'm just wondering, did you ever feel like, "ergh! just for once, can you stop?" when you read some of your friends' (or perhaps you might want to call them 'collection' as you don't really know or talk to all of them) status updates?
I don't like putting those who are on my friends list in hide mode. I put them on the list because I wanted to know them. if not directly, then indirectly will suffice. so I can enjoy reading their updates no matter how weird or annoying they are. There's always something to learn, eh? But that's me. you might have a different point of view so you use everything that has been provided by facebook™; the 'hide' button for instance.
but even with the fact that I purposely prepared myself to read them, there were moments when I felt like banging someone's head against the floor. When they used the same pattern too many times, again and again, you can't help but feel disturbed. Did you feel any of these, at the very least, for once?
mesti, korang pernah terasa macam *eh, I've read this and that before.* contoh status ;

"life's a journey, not a destination." <-- All the time. 

"being single is always better! Oh, I love being single!" <-- Twice a day. 

"ko ingat aku heran sangat ke dengan boyfriend ko tu, hah? dia bukan hensem mana pun! Ko jer yang menggelabah tak tentu pasal. die, bitch, die!" <-- kejap lagi marah orang lain pulak.
"I just bought a new bra worth RM400, a new pair of shoes worth 579.99, and most importantly, I got my dream Prada handbag worth RM1000++!" <-- silent mode in the middle of the month.
"dengan log in Facebook saja saya sudah memperoleh RM2000 dalam masa 2 hari. tunggu apa lagi? PM saya sekarang!" <-- next time ayat sama, amount je yang lain.
"sampai hati U tuduh I curang, B. I tak pernah buat camtu. dalam hati I there's only U!" <-- kenapa tak SMS or call, or post on his wall?
"dulu berat 55kg. pastu turun 48kg. pastu naik 60kg. Huhu." <-- suruh bersenam, tak nak. Pastu hari-hari complain.
"hari ini, melantak macam tak ingat dunia."<-- mungkin esok cakap nak start diet dan tak menjadi.

"just rejected 1219 friend requests. sorry, I don't approve strangers." <-- I bet she knows every single friend who's already on the list (4344 altogether).
dan yang tengah popular sekarang ;
"tak kisah lah kau result nak keluar bila" <-- bila tak kisah, mungkin esok akan bertanya "bila weh result?."

Like I said, it's not my place to judge anybody and tell them to stop. But as a simple human being, we're not that great to escape from saying 'Enough!". Sometimes, when you keep reading the same thing, you feel tired. tired enough!

bila aku tengok MHI hari tuh, dan dia cakap ;
"status yang kita tulis di facebook, melambangkan kehidupan kita 1o tahun akan datang"
well, aku tak sure apa maksud dia yang sebenar kan, tapi yang aku sure, berat gila kot message yang dia kasi tuh.

ada motif ke? lalalala.

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