Saturday, March 20, 2010

red vs pink


oke. this is the craziest thing
i've ever do.
have u see the difference?
my mind kinda unfunction well
pink? pink? pink?
'em never gonna believe this
but. its pretty enough!
and its hard to say.
erm. erm. erm.
ouwh i loikee!
but the redden still my soul

oke. here's the story
act, i cant close my eyes tonight even a second
i dont know why.
so, i take this opportunity
to make up. touch up my blog
*kn lebih baek bukak buku, then bce*
never mind. 
i cant sleep tonight is all because STUDY!
so, why not i do this renovate?
oke. back to the topic
i'd used all search engine 
to find great layouts
either *pakcik google* or *makcik yahoo*
but. i didnt find any interestin' one
i nearly give up myself.

anyhow, my efforts not in vain
i found this layouts.
at first side i think its..
*wow! manyak gedix just like denin or k.een*
but, when i see with *mata hati*
my heart say ; wow! how jelita it is..
kinda funny right?
*budax baex minat merah dah mula kenyit mata pada pink*
but, in certain parts oke

however, as i said ; i love red eternally!

p/s ; adnin, dont be jealous uh?


laDy zAzA said...


Anonymous said...

jelita ! i like !

laDy zAzA said...

yeah! i know you do..

miss nureen said...

i LIKE!!!
pink kenyit mata balik!
auuw romentik~

yes yes yes yes!!

laDy zAzA said...

aura kegedikan k.een punye psl la nea..

miss nureen said...

lor, i xpnh gedik pon okeii! ;P

laDy zAzA said...

ore tuo2 kato.
kalu yo tuh gedix
mmg yo xkei ngaku..

miss nureen said...

haha supo las mek.
za xngaku, means.. confirm gedix!~
spulo markah utk shayer yey^^ :)

laDy zAzA said...

syempak kei..!

anyway, u tetap ratu gedix!
pergh! salute