Friday, March 19, 2010

insanely crazy


current status ; stressed.pressure.tertekan

hidup aku tertekan yg amat sekarang
mcm2 yg menyelubungi aku
aku tertekan dgn study
aku tertekan dgn result monthly test
aku tertekan dgn animasi
aku tertekan with my friendship life
aku tertekan tgk org study bagai nak gila
aku tertekan tgk org pegi tusyen
aku tertekan dgn suasana at home
aku tertekan dgn tekanan yg parents aku bagi
aku tertekan.
aku tertekan.
aku tertekan.
ibarat kate, andai aku nea xkuat iman
dah lama aku terjun bangunan

kata2 yg xpernah terucap
"please stop *mg'provokasikan* me,
im stress enough with all your provocation
seriously, bukan sume org boleh diprovokasikan
what else can i say?, 
just stop give me more and more pressure
i dont need your appreciation and respect
i just need your encouragement and support
 that's all i need."

*I'm not the type
to get my heart broken
I'm not the type 
to get upset and cry*

my heart was fragile.broke.

just like glasses falling on the rock


ouwh God that almighty
give peace to me
show me Your way to the truth-ness
take away the anxiety
strengthened my heart to stay alive
You the only one i've got
to seek the forgiveness.
  im only a poor creature.

p/s ; ahad 21/03 result

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