Wednesday, March 17, 2010

haru biru.


still in holiday ; mood
*atau berfoya2*

back to the history
*just a few days*
at the time,
i cant describe what was
my feelin.
either exited or fear

current mood ; haru haru

tatau kenapa aku rasekan hidup aku
haru biru mcm lagu haru haru *bigbang*
rase macam hidup xde arah tuju
diriku terasa jauh
kenapa? mengapa? haruskah?
entah, aku rasekn mase ku
kenapa aku mcm nea?
im not really i am.
sad, happy, tired, fear, blur, exhausted
all of 'em mixed up
makes my mind hazey.
cant think rationally
i dig up in my heart
*where is the old me*
yeah. people always change to be more perfect
but i'm imperfect
ouw God that almighty
please blessin' me
guide me to the truth-ness
send me your love.

the main question ;
*what was happened to me?*

p/s ; love my sis!

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