Friday, December 31, 2010

renew the resolutions :)


here i am, saying ; argh. trouble.trouble.BIGGG trouble ! why i need to face the trouble by myself? i mean, where is the others uh? ouh hell. c'mon guys lets do this thing ! *pretending like 1 million people involve in this case, whereas it only both of *us :) dont understand? never mind. none of your business. its mine. *sigh

as the moon circling the orbit. as the star twinkle at night *for sure. as i am here to write this post. *oh wow. i'm mad ! *.* did i? haha. nvm again. dont you ever think what was happened to me? yes. there's something happen to me. you know what? i'm mad. yes. i'm mad =.=' *stop silly-talk.

oke fine. *be seroius. only one day left for the new years. as usual new years, new resolutions. but i think i dont have any new resolution. only i have to do is ; renew the old resolution. lets make lits ;

2o1o resolutions ;

# study hard for SPM

# being a good girl

# being more mature

# being serious

# more independent thinking

# more responsible

# love everyone surrounding you.

oke. pretty good uh?  but i dont think so. its need some *repair. HAHA

2o11 resolutions ;

# study hard for SPM oke this ; cancel for this year :) im not the *school's puppet* anymore :P

# study hard for college life. *that sound better :)

# being a good girl. should have an addition and reduction :) its ; being a good young lady all the time. :) *young lady oke. HAHA

# being more mature. not mature enough? haha. yeah. i think so. especially in my writting. i'll be more mature in my post soon. oh man, what a shame. when i read my old post and say ; unmature! not only in my post oke. all my action, i'll make sure ; its mature. *but how?

# more independent thinking. yes, that's so vital when i start a new life in college. oh no, im college girl now. *wake up young lady! stop your daydream.

# more responsible. oke, this should be. because, im college stuff. *sigh, college again. but i have to face the truth. sobs.

# and last ; love everyone around me? this possibly nothing. only i have to do is. love my Almighty. love my prophet. love my parents. love my siblings. love my friend and teacher. more than ever. and the others ; nothing :)

the 2o1o's resolutions just need some elabortion. but i forget something last year. i mean this year ; 2o1o. there's should be, more more faith. right? yes! MorE faith! its a need for a muslim like me. to improve my believe-ness. *oyeah. mature enough? haha.

oke. done. i guess. haha. :)

p/s ; miss all my honey? do you?

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