Thursday, December 9, 2010


·   when you face difficulty
- i'll try to face it and i'll say "rabbi yassir wal tu'asir" it make me strong enough. :)

·  you wear clothes of which colour
- pink. *oh my!

·  the group that you hang out with......
- my deca , definitely .

·  in your free time you usually.....
- facebook-ing,searching,ym-ing,blog-ing,read-ing,sleeping hahaha *nonsense

·  the column you read in newspapers.......
- healt and wealth *of cos new straits times.

·  if anyone told you that your doing something wrong you....
- silent and think about it again and again until i know why they told me that. hmmmm

·  if you see someone making a mistake you...
- i'll ask "do you out of your mind?"

·  Do you want to tell your friends what you're watching on TV tonight?
- definitely not. cause im not wacthing tv. dislike.

9.  describe 5 personalities about the person who tagged you.

- 5 uh?

i. bestfriends
ii. maharani gedix
iii. i cant see ur nose lah. *bhahahaharr!
iv. gorm
v. sheloveme? :)

10. tag only 1 person
- suggested by adninnadia ; byqie!


Anonymous said...

u will see my nose tomorrow ! haha

laDy zAzA said...

oyeah! HAHA*