Thursday, April 7, 2011

again ; failure


again and again. aku pun rasa muak dengan semua ini. entahlah dimana silap, entahlah apa yang tak kena. rasa macam kena sabotaj je, tetapi hakikatnya rezeki bukan memihak kepada kami. mungkin sampai masa lagi kot.
I can't really tell how it feels like. I can't find the word that can describe the real situation. I am just can't take this pain anymore. it's painful. for that moment, try to overcome my tears. but, I fear I can't resist it.
I hate those people who can't give their respect to us. I hate those people who act like un-matured. I hate those people who take all these blame on us. while, no one to blame. but, I can't stop myself blaming me, I, myself. please, this is not what I had planned. it's out of my control. unexpected event.
I don't know what else to say. just hang there, and hold my tounge. silent, we need a peace.
ouh, how humiliating. I told you, we've tried to make everythings look perfect. 
saya sudah tak tahu untuk explain apa apa. saia sudah tidak tahu untuk berbuat apa apa. cuma yang saya tahu, saya sayang kamu semua. aih*

 p/s ; letih sudah.

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