Sunday, December 14, 2008

i love my sister

I miss you so much when you' away, sister
Although we are separated by many miles,
our bond of love reaches over those
miles to join our hearts in love.
We always knew the day would come
when we would have to be apart.
I never thought about it much
when I was young
and eager to begin a life on my own.
But now you're away from home,
I find that I miss the long talks
and the sharing.
I find that I miss just knowing
you're there to talk to.
I want you to know that the special friendship
we're had is still the same.
Nothing can change that,
not distance,
not circumstance,
not time.
I love you, sister
wah! rindu nye kat kak long..
xsbr2 nk tggu die blik..
aku comfen die pown indu jgk..

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