Thursday, January 14, 2010

stressing of SPM


huh! after i read ten's blog
now, i knew not only my mood is
i felt the same way as she..
stress of SPM..
stress with people around me
my jealousy keep growing up
with my friends!
"getting damn much pressure from my friend"
"stay up at school until 5,at night,still make some revision
wake up around 3,make preparation for that day classes..
oh god!they've got that..determination.."

sorry ten, copy your sentence!
because not just u feel that way!
me neither! OMG!
i wonder how they could get that "determination"
why i cant do the same way?
why? why? why?
and today my bestfriend
byqie denin and wida
had made decision for their life
change from account stream to economy stream!
they dare to make that decision
while me just do nothing for my life
seriously, science stream never give me any pressure..
i never stress with add math, physics, chemistry or biology..
never ever ever..
my result worst just because my lazy-ness!
and that lazy-ness make me stuck in my old me!
im getting frusted of making myself asking me 
why and why and why!
tell me why, just tell me why!!
by watching them studies like no more tomorrow!
like tomorrow the real battle for them
make me more dam much stress!
stress with my lazy-ness!
how can i throw my lazy-ness away! away! away!
how how how!
someone tell me how?
im in stressing mood!

too much liar, if i told that i dont make any preparation for this SPM
actually, i'd made some revision of syllabi form 4
my study still in form 4 mood!
how can i stand see my buddies study for form 5 syllabi..?
is that too late for me to recap form 4?

arh! stressin! stressin!
i'd tried myself to make perfect for my life
not easy to be perfect
even i know i cant be perfect
because human is imperfect!
lol! i start to "mengabey"

last word for today!
i want to make a changes in my life
but how?
i always questioned myself without taking any action
to solve my problems..
so, stop question myself
just do the changes!

p/s : kinda boring with my atitude
"lazy-ness" so, who want this atitude
i'll give u free of charge..
no down payment! deal? HAHA*

so much crazy-ness surrounding me!
so much goin on and its hard to believe!


AtikAh said...

konflik kanak2 spm.
ku pernh mengalaminya.

go.go. caiyok!

Faten Hanani said...

sabar jela mcza..
ten pom xleh nop nasihat kokre..
sbb diri diri pom belom dinasihatkan lg..

laDy zAzA said...

kak tik : mekaseh atas dorongan mu..:D

laDy zAzA said...

ten : xpo2, same jah kto duo..kehs3
mari lah same2 kte berusaha! yeah!