Thursday, December 31, 2009

miracle or not


now, im gonna talkin 'bout my target
for SPM of twothousand&ten

pictures do tell everthings

so? have u get what is my target?
act. my bro promised to give me this thing
if i got straight ace in my spm
in other word, my target is 11a+ in spm
yeah! miracle or not, i must get 11a+
canon? why?
act. he doesnt promised any model

but, i think canon is pretty good stuff.
am i right? HAHA*

lastly, i hope my target
is just not call a "angan2 matjenin"
as i said, "miracle or not"
i must gain all i desire..
so, say a prayer for me..
and for all candidate..

p/s : syad, i will make a whole family wonder! >:)